Magento Connect Report

About is an experimental CI tool built specifically for Magento and currently still in development. To showcase and test part of the functionality we downloaded most of the extensions available in Magento Connect so that we could “score” them.

We built this tool to help our own development teams write better quality code, which as we all know reduces probability of bugs and improves maintainability.

The Scoring

The scores are calculated based on the results of PHPCS and the Magento ECG Coding Standards. All the PHP and PHTML files inside each extension are analyzed, rated and the overall score is calculated using a GPA (Grade point average) ranging from 0 to 5.

Extensions Analyzed: 5995 of 6134

A+ 29 Extensions

A 2150 Extensions

B 3000 Extensions

C 405 Extensions

D 45 Extensions

F 366 Extensions

Extension Name Author Description Score Details
0Y91uz1r7Hk18dKfWf0u47XgSQjBylNS Sellbrite Extend core API B Details
12Return 12Return 12Return is cloud based Returns Management Software for all types of return you might get involved with. Our platform enables you to implement an inte B Details
25bba516ceedbdaf62f94d694d45d4a4 Alex Shestakov With SailPlay Loyalty you can start your own loyalty program in few minutes. This multifunctional tool is used by such great online shops like Tick B Details
6ramesh RameshRamasamy Allows payments to be authorised and captured (either at time of purchase or afterwards via an invoice) Accepts Visa, Mastercard, Switch/Solo and Amer B Details
6rameshcashondelivery RameshRamasamy Cash On Delivery This extension will install a new ready-to-use Cash-On-Delivery payment gateway in your Magento store. Installation is very easy B Details
A3S_Recommendations A3S This plugin adds the A3S Recommendation Service to your Magento shop. It integrates the dynamic recommendations in the product detail pages and you c B Details
A4on_Mybrand MohanaKrishnan Using this plugin, brands can be created with an image to display in the front end and products can be assigned to their brands and can be viewed when C Details
A4s_Pricemotion Heimen Pricemotion delivers the prices of Dutch competitors right in Magento. You do not have to through all those websites of your competitors anymore. B Details
AAIT_Payex2 AAIT This module have been developed by and is the official payment module for PayEx redirect payments for Magento. This module support PayEx tran A Details
AAIT_Payexapi AAIT The module provide transaction callback functionality for PayEx. Transaction Callback is a webservice used by PayEx to verify Payments. It insures cor B Details
ACHpayment jayakumar Ach payment B Details
ACV_SoftbankPayment Hoa Nguyen Softbank multi payment service module A Details
AC_Connector AW_Core_Team aheadCommerce is a new SaaS for Magento merchants that gives the ability to create storefronts optimized exactly for tablets. Browsing a website on iP B Details
AEMIK-TOOLSET ChenMickael Extension for Magento B Details
AEMIK_TOOLS ChenMickael Extension for Magento B Details
AFG_Clean_Pending_Orders Jerome DIMANCHE Description B Details
AGRollovertozoom elmarrouani said roll over extension B Details
AIO404_AdvancedUserPermissions AIO404 Extend permissions for both customer and product grid, for backend users. Pick exactly what actions a user may perform in these grids: + Read (Viewi A Details
AK_ManageAdmintheme AdeshSuryan Admin can Change admin Theme from back-end. A Details
AMartinez_CustomImportExport Antonio Martinez This extension can Import/Export products and customers from/to CSV file. Create categories, add attribute options, import images and media galleries B Details
APL_SocialSharing Thanh Magento professional themes B Details
APPTHAQRCODE LEAD QR code for magento is an extension for displaying QR code image for each individual products. QR code will contains the information about the produc B Details
ASMShipping Javier Santos ASM Transporte Urgente ha desarrollado este módulo que te permite realizar todas las labores de envío (grabación, etiquetación, seguimiento) sin C Details
ASPerience Unknown This module allows to complete the system of rules of list price of Magento. At present, these rules are simply based on prices discount or percentage A Details
ASSURINTYglobal_Magento_ESP ASSURINTYglobal Become an ASSURINTYglobal Extended Service Contract retailer. Seamless Integration / Additional Revenue Adding the ASSURINTYglobal for Magen B Details
ASchroder_SMTPPro ASchroder This extension provides complete control of Email settings for Magento. It can send with any custom SMTP server, your GMail or Google Apps account A Details
ATOL_Commande_Express Atol C La mise en avant des articles constitue le défi quotidien des magasins et grandes surfaces. Il enva de même pour les boutiques en ligne. La multipli A Details
AT_ADDR Donald Organ Every order in a storeowner's system has the potential to create a profit or loss. Many storeowners' profit margins are so thin that any additional c B Details
AT_ADV Donald Organ AccurateTax Tax Tools - Advanced version provides the capability for shoppers to have accurate sales tax calculated for their orders based on the stor C Details
AT_Basic Donald Organ AccurateTax Tax Tools - Basic version provides the capability for shoppers to have accurate sales tax calculated for their orders based on the storeow D Details
AW_Aheadmetrics aheadworks The aheadMetrics service allows online merchants to better understand their business and plan activites by providing with a great variety of useful re A Details
AW_Aheadvideo AW_Core_Team From the administrator side, it adds "Video" tab where HTML code of the video can be input. After adding a video the movie would appear in "Additional B Details
AW_Blog AW_Core_Team The Blog extension for Magento is reckoned among the best buzz and word of mouth marketing tips. It not only provides your regular customers with up-t B Details
AW_FPS Artyom Featured Products Slideshow allows you to place slideshow of your featured products on any page of your Magento store. They'll be rotated by means of A Details
AW_Onpulse AW_Core_Team OnPulse provides you with an access to your sales statistics, the latest orders, and the clients list through any iOS or Android powered mobile device A Details
AWeberCommunications_EmailMarketing AWeber Communications, Inc Subscribe customers to your AWeber list when they purchase items from your store B Details
Aaryasolutions_Dailydeals AaryaSolutions This extension helps to add daily deals from backend. We can view the deal on frontend B Details
Aaryasolutions_Specialdeals AaryaSolutions This extension helps to add special deals from backend. We can view the special deal on frontend B Details
Ab_shipping_per_product Bhupesh Kathuria ‘Ab Shipping Per Product’ extension provides you an ability to set up the specific Flat Rate Shipping Per Products via Magento admin platform, you B Details
Abatecs_AssociativeManager abaTECS Displaying correct set of products to right customer can boost the sales of your online store by manyfolds. You can increase the sales of your online C Details
Abatecs_Orderstatus abatecs A Magento Store owner / admin has to spend lot of his time in processing of the order status. The Order Status Manager allows the owner / admin of the B Details
Abcnet_ColouredStores Mogos Radu Once installed, you can define whatever colour you want to use for the Order grid view in the backend (Sales > Orders), this way you can define separa A Details
Abcnet_CommentBox Mogos Radu The extension enables an AJAX powered dropdown box where you can select predefined messages that you want to send as comments for each order. The mess A Details
Abcnet_Community_CommentBox Mogos Radu The extension enables an AJAX powered dropdown box where you can select predefined messages that you want to send as comments for each order. The mess A Details
Accept_Bitcoin_Payin_Local_by_Aligncommerce Aldo Carrascoso Accept payments from international buyers via local currency using bank transfers and/or via bitcoin. B Details
AccessShop_Lite Unknown AccessShop - is a multi purpose Magento theme for fashion, electronics, jewelry or anything with 100% responsive design. It comes up with loads of fea B Details
Acegento_Ratingfilter Surga Shankar Gupta Inserts ratings into layer Navigation filters. A Details
Ach_Payment jayakumar This module is designed as a payment gateway plug-in. It uses the Direct Payment product of ACH Payments. ACH Payments allows payments without redir B Details
Achang_ChinaCheckout achang 移除账单地址会帮助你简化购买流程,因为在中国不需要账单地址的功能. A Details
Achang_ChinaInvoice achang 发票管理会帮助你管理发票,它适用于中国客户。支持的发票类型有个人,公司,埴值税发票等。我们从makingware A Details
Achang_Chinacustomer achang 为适应中国消费者的习惯,我们合并了 first name 和 last name。 A Details
Achang_Fapiao achang 中国 发票 A Details
Achang_Removebilling achang remove billing A Details
Achang_Scene7 Minglong Li Use adobe scene7 to customize product on magento A Details
ActionLogger Branko Ajzele This extension is inspired, to some extent, by "Logging of Administrator Actions" feature available in Magento Enterprise. Extension has several confi A Details
Activated_Slider Activated Apps The Activated Slider gives the ability to easily manage banners on your site. Sliders are responsive out of the box. Static content is also supported A Details
ActiveCampaign_Subscriptions ActiveCampaign, Inc. 1. Connect any ActiveCampaign hosted account (using your API URL and Key). 2. Have new customer account registrations added to ActiveCampaign (if t B Details
ActiveMedia_Webpack Kumaran Shan Post Danmark Webpack Integration C Details
ActivityStream_Module Activity Stream Activity Stream – realtime customer-facing purchase alerts Take advantage of improved product awareness, greater perceived security and trend A Details
Activo_Xmlsitemap Activo Extensions Generate a better XML sitemap: fixes the value in Magento XML sitemaps to the correct one. A Details
Acutrack_Order_Notification Senthil Acutrack order notification extension notifies orders as soon as buyer makes a purchase. Once order is notified to Acutrack, our fulfillment system F Details
Acutrack_Orders_Notification Senthil Acutrack order notification extension notifies orders as soon as buyer makes a purchase. Once order is notified to Acutrack, our fulfillment system F Details
AddInMage_ToastNotifications Sergey Rahmanchook Toast Notification extension shows your customers Magento global system messages in a nice new way! Now instead of regular error or Magento success me A Details
AddShoppers_integration AddShoppers Plugin connect AddShoppers account with magento shop by adding share buttons to product pages. A Details
Addedbytes_All AddedBytes Utility extension for Added Bytes extensions, including useful shared functionality, and update management. A Details
Addedbytes_Duplicatecmspage AddedBytes Content editing can be a laborious affair at the best of times, but none more so than when you are duplicating a page between websites. This simpl A Details
Additional_Image_by_Jemoon Marcin Jędrzejewski This extension gives you ability of using fourth image attribute - from now on also image labeled as 'Additional Image' will be available in your syst A+ Details
Addon_Froomerce Adeel Ahsan F.Connect integrates your existing store with Facebook in a few steps. It not only lets you create complete Facebook store but also give you ability t B Details
Addonline_Gls Addonline GLS France : donnez le choix à vos clients du mode de livraison qui leur convient. • Des solutions adaptées pour tous vos envois de colis de 30 k B Details
AddressVerification iFuel Interactive, LLC Automatic integration with the Qualified Address Verification System. B Details
Addrexx_AddressValidation Joseph De La Cruz Addrexx radically changes your checkout page and enables autocompletion and validation of names and addresses. Customers can checkout 30 seconds fast B Details
Addtocart_Ajax jaimin add,edit,update,delete cart through ajax B Details
Adestra_MFAbandonedCart Anna Grieve MessageFocus conversion capture integration module. B Details
Adestra_MFSubscriptions Anna Grieve Adestra MessageFocus Subscriptions extension. Includes integration for customer subscriptions to MessageFocus lists. B Details
Adexos_JeuxConcours Unknown Jeux Concours administrables et simultanés accessibles via une URL personnalisée. Inutile d'être client de la boutique pour y participer. Les parti B Details
Adfab_Avatar Adfab This module introduces a creative space in your e-commerce. Your customers will be able to upload an avatar on their account. This is this kind of A Details
Adfab_Emailcampaign Unknown Email campaign increase your ROI by giving you the opportunity to organize frequent and focused mails to your prospects and customers. This module A Details
Adfab_Outfits Adfab First Adfab Module B Details
Admeris_AdmerisCc AdmerisSupport Hosted by Admeris B Details
Admeris_AdmerisINTERAC Admeris Admeris Payment Systems INTERAC Online Payment Module for Magento. To use the payment module to process transactions in your store, you will need an a B Details
Admeris_AdmerisIop AdmerisSupport Hosted by Admeris B Details
Admin2 Branko Ajzele In standard Magento (at least up to version admin password is changed as soon as you do "Forgot my password". This can be potentially annoyi A Details
AdminIPFilter Damian A. Pastorini Limit access to IP administration panel by either a general or per-user list. B Details
AdminLogin Alexandre Miranda Admin Login allow you to manage access to the backoffice thanks to a centralized server. -------- How to deploy it: * create one master admin use A Details
AdminReviewNotification Travis Customer's reviews have a vital role in your business. But sometimes you forget to check to enable / disable review on your store. This extension will A Details
Admin_Bar_Greeting_To_Maori ROI Marketing Simply install this extension and you will instantly be greeted with the Maori greeting of Kia Ora and the current New Zealand flag - a little bit of C Details
Admin_Login_Locale_Selector Raj K B Locale Selector is the module which helps admin user to select the locale of their choice during login.This tool becomes handy in case when you have m A Details
Adminmenu_Extramenu testme Adminmenu_Extramenu B Details
Adminmenu_Menu testme Adminmenu_Menu B Details
Adodis_Bestsellers Jextn Themes Support magento 1.5.1 1.6.X B Details
Adodis_Featuredproducts Jextn Themes Support Magento 1.5.X and Magento 1.6.X A Details
Adodis_Latesttweets Jextn Themes Latest extension is using for Displaying and Managing Latest Tweets from Twitter. B Details
Adroll_Liquidads Mitch Walker Personalized Retargeting Made Simple This extension allows you to launch a free personalized retargeting campaign in just minutes. Retargeting wor B Details
Adtrak_DisableCategoryFilter Mike Whitby Disables the category option in the layered navigation filter B Details
Adv_Cateview Pratik Khamar Extension will allow you to select a default list and grid views per each category. This Magento extension gives you more control over Magento store. A Details
Adv_Cgroup Pratik Khamar Add Customer Group In Create Account Section And Onestep Checkout Section And Display in Admin Manage Customer Tab. B Details
Adv_Contacts Pratik Khamar Advance Contact Us Module Manage In Admin To Create Multiple Department And send email for Department In Front end Display Drop down to select Dep A Details
Adv_Iscroll Pratik Khamar Work In All Browser Including i7. One-click installation - No template changes required. This extension is for when the user reaches the end of the B Details
Adv_Odetail Pratik Khamar Order Information in checkout success page. and show a billing and shipping method and address. B Details
Adv_Recsold Pratik Khamar displaying your most recent sales product on your store and Set no Product to be display. B Details